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Randy & Marcia Hekman, Executive Team Members

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Married for 46 years, Randy and Marcia Hekman consider one of their greatest joys and privileges in life has been for them to be used by God for Him to create a dozen amazing children.


Career wise, Marcia was a high school teacher prior to the birth of their first child. She thrived as a full-time homemaker and one who joyfully shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Randy spent many years in and around government as an officer in the Navy in D.C., prosecuting attorney, trial court judge, and the director of Michigan Family Forum.


Randy and Marcia currently lead The Grand Awakening, which seeks to promote revival of the church— through extraordinary prayer, radical obedience, and genuine unity—which, by God’s grace, will lead to spiritual awakening of their region and our nation.


Randy has authored two books, Justice for the Unborn and Truth that Sets America Free. Together, they recently wrote, Missing . . . Our Children.

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