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Event Information

Voices United USA Event promises to be an uplifting and encouraging patriotic celebration of God and country. The goal of the Voices United USA Event is to sound a clarion call to action and prayer to Christians, across denominational lines from West Michigan and beyond, to unite their voices to effect change in the upcoming 2016 elections as well as for the future of our nation.



The purpose of the Voices United USA Event is not to represent a particular political party, but rather to encourage believers in Jesus Christ to embrace the political process. As we stand united in purpose and prayer for the future of our nation, we believe America will once again return to God's moral compass, according to the Word of God.




  • David Barton, Christian historian, founder of Wallbuilders, delivering a powerful and informative message

  • Tammy Trent, featured contemporary artist, bringing hope through her music, inspiring all ages

  • Ilonka Deaton, co-founder of Voices United USA,  sharing her story of escape from government oppression

  • Judy Buffhum-Hemmila, Founder of Voices United USA,  imparting the vision and future of this organization




  • to rise up and make your voice heard, without intimidation or apology

  • to walk with courage and take action

  • to be motivated by information and education

  • to answer the call: the return to God's moral compass for America

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