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Judy Buffum-Hemmila, Founder of Voices United USA

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Judy is a licensed and ordained minister and flows powerfully and sensitively as a psalmist under the prophetic anointing. She is an accomplished vocalist, recording artist (8 albums to her credit), songwriter, speaker, author, and TV host. She traveled with her team internationally for over 20 years sharing the love, hope and healing of Jesus Christ. In 2005, Judy was asked to join the Women of Faith Organization as their tour pastor, where she had the privilege of touring with many wonderful people such as Sheila Walsh, Sandi Patti, Max Lucado, Luci Swindoll, Natalie Grant, Britt Nicole, Jamie Grace, Christine Cane, Matthew West, and her daughter Tammy Trent. After holding a staff position for 16 years, as Director of Women's Ministries at Grand Rapids First, she and her husband Keith began a brand new work in Rockford Michigan, where they co-pastor Crossfire Church.


Judy founded Perfect Love Ministries in 1980 and then became President and Founder of The Masters Vineyard in 1995 and presently is the Founder of Voices United USA. Her vision and passion for this new organization is shared with her co-founders, Ilonka Deaton and Karen Waldhart. A woman of grace, Judy radiates the love of Jesus through her down to earth personality, contagious humor and gentle, yet strong, spirit. Her staff has lovingly nicknamed her, 'Velvet Covered Steel'.


"I have never been very interested in politics." says Judy. "Sad to say, I usually looked to others more informed to direct me in this area. But last November, I believe God woke me up and sparked a new desire in me to become more informed.

"As I read about the present condition of our country and how Godly people were being forced to violate their religious beliefs, I wondered how in the world America could have gotten into such a mess.  Then, it hit me.... because people like me were not paying attention.  I was too busy being a wife, mom, grandmother, and minister.  Everyday life kept me so distracted that I didn't truly realize how bad things had gotten in America.  We all need a wake up call!

"While conversing with my friend, Ilonka  Deaton (now cofounder), my eyes were dramatically opened, as she shared her personal story of the harsh reality of living under a socialistic government in South Africa. The next day, I attended a political luncheon as her guest.  I was upset when they shared the statistics of Christian citizens who did not vote in the last election!  After the meeting, conversations of concern arose around the tables.  The more I listened, the more I was stirred to do something!  But what could I do? Maybe that's the question we all ask ourselves.

"We are in a spiritual war for the existence and future of our nation.  'One Nation under God' is still our declaration!

"With strong encouragement from Ilonka and the amazing support of Pastor Karen of Resurrection Life Church, along with other dedicated leaders and the tremendous favor of God, we are all being used by and called by God for the purpose of joining hearts and voices of believers for '...such a time as this...'

"It is our prayer that you will also hear and answer this clarion call and join your voice with other believers.  We need to stand together in unified prayer, share our talents and offer our gifts. When we do, God will accomplish His plan of restoration for America through His people."

Romans 15: 5-6

"May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."

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